After a year of work, the Mongolian Environmental Emergency Response Service - MEERS (NGO) has become a reality.

The team will operate under the name of the "Mongolian Rangers Rescue Team". The new team has received the support of the international rescue community.

The Founding Chairman, Canadian born, David Pottier, will serve as the team's first Commander.

An innovator and futurist in the rescue field, Commander Pottier brings a life time of training, domestic and international rescue experience and rescue system command and design skills to the team. Some of his areas of expertise include Logistics and Supply, Communications and Command Structure for Land, Sea and Air Rescue Operations. He is the founder of the Canadian based TEERS-International. TEERS-Canada, with support from the Canadian Space Agency, was the first rescue team in history to use advanced satellite imagery in rescue operations.

The team will build 22 provincial chapters or units. Members will be known as the Mongolian Rangers and Junior Rangers will be created and trained within the school system.

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