We are the Mongolian Rangers Rescue Team. Our Headquarters is located in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia.

The Mongolian Environmental Emergency Response Service is a non-government, non-profit, humanitarian organization, or NGHO.

Although founded in 2006 we are already an internationally recognized rescue organization operating within the framework of the Geneva Convention and Protocols. Our purpose is to save lives, reduce suffering and environmental damage and to assist in the aftermath caused by catastrophic events whether natural in cause or man-made.

Our goal is to bridge government jurisdictional differences, whether they are regional, national or international. Our expectation is that we will not be affected by political lobbies, elections, party politics, locally or internationally. Our goal is to be respected as a humanitarian organization who has come to offer aid during a disaster. We are a politically neutral, pro-active rescue and training organization and information resource server dealing with the natural and man-made emergencies that affect us all.

With the types of natural disasters we have in Mongolia there was a need for a disaster management and communication system specializing in Environmental Emergency Response as well as Public Education and Training. We do not wish to limit ourselves to our own natural disasters, we wish to offer our skills to the world community in times of their disasters. We are honored to be able to help.

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